leslie mathews farm

Leslie considers herself a life time learner to all things fiber. She is constantly amazed at the creativity, sharing, and attention to detail she finds in the fiber arts.  As a functional weaver, Leslie weaves lots of rectangles.   Her weaving knowledge can be attributed to independent study, The Triangle Weavers Guild, her time at The John Campbell Folk School and all the weavers she has met along the way.

She is currently enrolled in  the Olds College  Master Weaving Program.

Recipient 2017 Duke Energy Regional Artist Project Grant

One of her biggest pleasures is teaching. Through sharing knowledge of process,materials, and technique, Leslie hopes to foster creativity and growth through various workshops offered at The Yadkin Valley Fiber Room and other venues.

Leslie is a member of : The Triangle Weaver’s Guild,  Tapestry Weaver’s South, The Complex  Weaver’s and Hand Weaver’s Guild of America.

Leslie’s second passion is dyeing..she loves to create color in yarns and textiles – especially indigo…