Learn to Weave

I teach a three part series on learning to weave.  Classes are offered on an individual basis or in group settings. 2-3 days.  I also teach a beginning rigid heddle, weaving with nature and silk scarf dying workshop all of which are taught in an afternoon.   Please contact me if you would like to schedule a class.  

Over and Under Part 1 – Weaving Basics

With the intention of functioning as an ‘on ramp’ to the craft of weaving, this introductory course offers new students of the craft the opportunity to begin their study.   Through weaving a rayon scarf, this course offers the beginning weaver an  introduction to a four-shaft loom. Students will learn vital weaving skills including reading a draft, planning projects, preparing the loom, and weaving.


Over and Under Part 2 –  Color Pure and Simple

When we begin to weave, predicting a project’s outcome using color is often difficult. Woven fibers do not always correctly “mix” together, resulting in somewhat “off” results. This workshop is designed for you to explore color through weaving a gamp with 6 warp and  30 weft colors in  plain weave.


Over and Under Part 3 – Sampling for Success

By defining and thinking about what we are looking for in our project we begin to consider just what it is that will please us when we take the piece off the loom and finish it.

As a weaver begins to explore weave structures and materials a valuable tool is learning to sample and keep records for future weavings and reference.

In this two day workshop participants will come with their loom warped and a section woven in the fiber and structure of their choice.  We will discuss what each person is looking for in their project, taking and keeping accurate records of your weaving and each participant will weave several samples.  We will finish samples and at the end of  day 2 we will discuss and share our findings.

Pre class instructions are sent when registration is received.


Parts 2 and 3 require a basic understanding of weaving terminology and the ability to warp a loom independently.